Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bull Fighting in Krabi, Thailand

Sept. 22, 2013
All is good.  The boat is almost ready to be splashed back into the water.  We went to a Thai bullfight this week with our resort hosts Swang & Att.  It was nothing like the
Spanish version; no blood or "death to the bulls" just 2 bulls flexing their muscles and pushing one another around with their horns.  Alright, there was a little bit of blood.

We attended the fight with Swang, Att, Fred and Cha Cha, & Mike & Sue.
Of course, we began with lunch under a canopy before the show.  Nothing
is done here that does not include food.  It is a nation of skinny people who eat all the time.  The Thai's love to gamble and there was no exception here.  The spectators
Were standing or sitting in the bleacher section eagerly watching their brokers who were standing on chairs, at the ring, placing their bets using sign language only Thai's would understand.  Much of it reminded us of signals given by a catcher to a pitcher
During a baseball game.  It was an exciting day with many victorious bulls and bett-ies.  The end of a match was when one of the bulls had, had enough and simply ran away.  The winner was given a good wash and decorated with colorful ribbons and horn wraps then led off the field with much exhuberation and applause.   We were allowed to sit up in the announcers box so we could see well and take good photos.
all of the bet money was brought here and it appeared to be a massive amount.
The accountant prompted us to take photos of the takings.  Our host was very happy also and displayed a pocket full of baht!  Life is good in Krabi for the winners.


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